Uchi Mata


Tori grasps Uke collar with his Tsurite (Lifting hand), and lifts to a height above Uke ear.Turning the wrist of his Hiki-te (Pulling hand) so that its palm is facing outward, he pulls Uke forward while raising that hand to the height of his eyes.Using both his Tsurite (Lifting hand) and Hiki-te (Pulling hand), he destabilizes Uke diagonally toward the front, and then throws him down.Tori performs the throw by placing the back side of his thigh between Uke legs, and then swinging it upward in a sudden motion.This Waza often results in an Ippon gachi (Win by ippon) in competitions, and it has a number of variations.This Waza can also be performed by hopping on one leg several times after engaging Uke leg.


CMAC-Judo 2018