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More big changes coming your way!

So here’s the next announcement. CMAC-Judo will be working hand in hand withfit to fight Atlantaat their gym to start a new judo program to go hand in hand with their krav maga program they have already in place. Waiting on a few things to finalize this great chance for our dojo to grow and expand to new areas in Georgia. Class schedules will not be affected if your worried about that. This along with the bjj program we are starting is a great step. On other news we are also partnering up with roswell budoka and sensei mikki. We, from time to time may see some of his students cone up to train with us. In return any of us are welcome to train with sensei Mikki whenever he has class at no cost for as many classes as you like. Just mention you're with cmac. I will be posting more updates as they come. This is going to be a great year.

**Merry Christmas!**Happy Chanukah!**HappyFestivus!**and Seasons Greetings!**

*-*-Christmas Party Tonight-*-*

December 22nd - We hope to see everyone tonight at 7PM for our Christmas party. There will be no regular classes until December 29th. If there is enoughinterestCullenwill hold a Saturday class. You can contact him by clicking his name above.We here at CMAC Judo wisheveryone a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe and dream big because 2015 is going to be huge!

November 25th - There will be no official classes until Monday December 1st. Rest up, read your Kodokan manual and wall-sits. You will want to practice your wall-sits.

November 20th - With the holidays fast approaching, remember to keep training hard to keep those extra pounds off. CMAC Judo wishes Kevin and Robert best of luck in the Dallas invitational coming up!

October 16th - To make sure there is no confusion, There is not a Georgia Judo workout this weekend a CMAC-Judo. Just wanted to clear up some info from Facebook - Sorry about that gang.

October 15th - Regular classes still on track! Great progression from everyone. Please check out our Ippon of the week below. It comes from our very own “Cannon”. His second match at the Ippon Open on the 11th ended in a big Boom! Great Job Cannon!

October 9th - No Saturday Class this weekend - see you at the Ippon Open!! If you have questions you can click on the link below or contact Josh, Evan or Cullen.

October 8th - Great workouts continue! With the slightly cooler weather is a chance to push it just a little harder. If you missed it - The Georgia Judo workout was this past Sunday at AJM and this Saturday, the 11th, will be theSemi Annual Ippon Openat theKedron Aquatic Center- Always a greattournament.

September 24th - Great fight night last night! Everyone who shows up to help us all shape our craft deserves a huge Thank you! Reminder - No Wednesday night class tonight. Mark October 11th on your calendars. The semi-annual Ippon open in Peachtree City is coming up. More details shortly, check back in a day or two!

September 8th - Another batch of testing and another Green Belt and another Brown Belt!!Congratulations to Katie and Stephan for belting up.

>Check out the rest of the PICs<

August 26th - Fight night tonight - It’s where all the cool kids are at. 7:30-8:15PM for Juniors, 8:15-9:00PM for Seniors.

***Class notice - Saturday August 30th, No Saturday morning class & Monday September 1st, No Monday Classes.***

August 25th - Great job CMAC-JUDO at the tournament Saturday! Cannon - Silver! Deielle - Silver! Taylor - Gold!!

Katie - Silver! Sensei Josh - Silver! And Kell - Gold!!

Regular classes for the rest of the week - Tonight 6:30-7:15PM - Juniors & 7:30-8:30 - Seniors with open tatami after class.

August 19th - Nice change of pace last night. Tomoe-Nage into an Armbar, then 3 chokes. We have fight night happening tonight. Juniors 7:30-8:00PM, Adults 8:15-9:00PM. Tournament Weekend!CheckUpcomingEvents for more details. Next regular class - Wednesday night early class 6-7PM, all ages & abilities.

August 15th - Great Class last night. Those getting ready for testing, throwing is looking good! Saturday Aug 23rd is coming fast, Sensei Josh White’s Ultimate Challange Judo Championships - It’s where all the cool kids will be. Look inUpcoming Eventsfor more info. If you want some cool FREE Stuff, Check outNick Delpopolo’sFacebook page for some really cool screen savers. You can see Nick fight in Chelyabinsk Russia in the2014 Judo World Championships. For more info checkout theIJF’s pages,Ippon.organd watch! Lastly, Keep in mind Saturday Classes are back. 11-Noon, Throw, Throw, Throw!

August 8th - Don’t forget “GA Judo Unite” workout is this Sunday at2pm to4pm at CMAC-JUDO!

Also - Congratulations Carson for his promotion to Ju-Kyu last night!

Carsons Promotion.jpg

August 5th - Sorry all, No fight night tonight. Double time tomorrow!

Kell Throw.gif

July 30th - Don’t forget early class tonight - 6-7PM All ages, All abilities. Great Fightnight last night. - Really nice to see White and Yellow belts showing up.

July 17th - Special night tonight!! Had an awesome class and then with the announcement ofKell’s achievement at junior nationals and his demonstration of nage no katahe was promoted to Shodan! Then SenseiJoshdemonstrated katame no katawas promoted to Nidan!

Shodan Nidan.jpg
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